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Decatur Square ( Downtown Decatur, Georgia)

About The Mozaic Crow

My Philosophy 

The Mozaic Crow name comes from a Lenape creation myth, in this myth the Rainbow Crow  is a beautiful multicolored crow that lives in a world covered by snow and devoid of colour. Eventually , the other animals became worried and decided to send a messenger to talk to the Great Sky Spirit and ask for heat .

The Rainbow Crow goes to talk to the Spirit, who gives the Crow fire. As The Crow delivers the flame it burns all the colours from the Crow until it is just left being the black bird we know crows to be today. In the myth The Rainbow Crow is a symbol of the values of selflessness and service. Along with that it also symbolizes loyalty, wisdom , & sincerity which are all attributes for this illustration,  graphic  design,  &  art  studio  that  devotes itself  to creating  beautiful pieces of  art & design to each of its customers.

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